Diomedes is the name of many characters of Greek mythology

Diomedes of Argos

Diomedes, son of Tydeus, is a Greek warrior character in Homer's Iliad, under command of Agamemnon. He was the leader of the Epigoni, the sons of the Seven Against Thebes. His father was offered immortality by Athena, but the offer was retracted when she saw Tydeus eat his enemies' brains. He later became King of Argos, succeeding his grandfather Adrastus (who numbered among the Seven Against Thebes). He is a fifth generation descendant of Endymion (his great-great-great grandfather) and Selene.

Athena guides Diomedes

In Homer's Iliad

During the second day of the tenth year in the war (as told in the story), Diomedes is given triple strength by Athena, and also the ability to see the gods' intervention in the battlefield at Troy.

Preceded by:
King of Argos

(Biaid Portion)

Succeeded by

Diomedes of Thrace

Diomedes of Thrace was king of the Thracians who owned Flesh-Eating Mares, who were retrieved as part of Heracles' 8th labour. He was the son of Ares.

Preceded by:
King of Thrace
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